With Halloween fast upon us, it’s hard not to reflect back to simpler times. 

Back when you would roam the streets with a pillow case full of candy.
 (Yes… we used pillow cases back then.)

You would return home after a long day of trick-or-treating, dump your booty onto the table, and examine your spoils. Some Snickers, Kit-Kat, Swedish Fish, and maybe even a Reeses Peanut-Butter Cup or two… if you’re lucky.
It’s a trap!

During this ritualistic process, you would break the candy into two piles… 

The Good candy and the Bad candy. 

You know what I’m talking about. 

Now, as an adult, I would totally eat most of what I used to consider ‘bad’ candy. But back then, there was definitely two distinct piles.

Here’s a few of the candies I hated getting on Halloween.


Candy Peanuts:


Listen, maybe they are good, I just wouldn’t know because you dumped them into my bag unwrapped. No way I’m eating that.

Dum-Dum Pops:


I love lollipops, but Dum-Dums were meh at best. Get me a Tootsie Roll pop or even better – a Blow Pop! Dum Dums were small, no treat sat at the center, and always half unwrapped for some reason.
This Bubble Gum:


First off, it was always rock hard… teeth shattering hard. Second, it was the same flavor as the gum that came in packs of baseball cards – and nobody ate that!
Mary Jane Candy:


These are one of those candies I hated as a kid, but enjoy now. They used to creep me out. Bent up, half-opened candy that looked like it was around when Lincoln was President.


Do I even have to explain?
Necco Wafers:


I would eat the yellow and orange ones, then toss the rest.



Small plastic bags of  home popped popcorn… seems sinister to any child. I just assumed it was poisoned.


This Mint Candy:


I could get these anytime I wanted… at my great-grandmas house, which also fits the description of who usually handed these out.


Good & Plenty’s:


No. Not now… not ever.

Sugar Daddy’s:


Another one of those candies I would have no problem eating now, but for some reason hated as a kid. To me it was basically a Mary-Jane on a stick.
I didn’t mind getting money, I would add it to my Garbage Pail Kid fund, but I didn’t want something I could easily find digging through my couch.



Obviously this post is tongue-in-cheek. Free candy is free candy, It was just fun to reflect back to a time when things like crummy candy was such a big deal.

Simpler times….


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15 thoughts on “Worst Halloween Candy (According To Tig)”

  1. I tried one after writing this and must agree with you. They are good. But I remember people putting them in my sack unwrapped at all. They would end up smelling like fabric softener mixed with pennies.

  2. Haha! I agree with most of these. Dum Dum's though my friend are the best! Still as an adult I can eat these one after another. I buy the huge bags and only let my kids have the flavors that aren't my faves! LOL

  3. I agree with everything but the Double Bubble. I would enjoy the heck out of those rock hard pieces of gum…all 4 seconds of flavor. Good and Plenty's always reminded me of medicine…I don't know why they're even still around

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