Have you ever played Minecraft, Red Alert, or any other game where you spend half your life surrounding yourself with a massive wall to keep out the enemy? 
Then you understand why the Great Wall of China was built..
We’ve all seen pictures (or maybe even have been lucky enough to visit) the Great Wall of China. A marvel of human engineering. But most of us have never seen the end that runs into the sea.  
Well, not until now!
This is where the Great Wall ends to the East and leads into the Bohai Sea.
 Yep… it just stops a few feet into the sea. I guess it makes sense. I don’t really know what I expected the end to look like.
And this is the other end…

Not that impressive of a wall over here. This end dies out at a massive canyon. 

Can’t walk around that.

  The Links below have some awesome pics of the rest of the wall. 
They’re quite impressive.


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2 thoughts on “Where ‘The Great Wall’ Ends…”

  1. Cool pic! You're right I've never even thought about where the wall ends. Looks like they kept a little watchtower on the ocean too. Certainly stirs the imagination. Thanks for posting.

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