This has bothered me for a long time and it’s time someone talked about it. Something that happens to every one of us, but
all refuse to acknowledge.
I’m talking about Chip Bag Anxiety
or C.B.A.
 C.B.A – That awkward moment when two people attempt to retrieve a Chip or other snack from the same bag at exactly the same time.
Picture this horrid moment:
You and a friend on the couch, bag between you, watching television. You reach for a chip at the exact same time your friend does. Your brain tries to stop your hand, but it’s too late, and it ends up hovering above the bag like a confused magician – or worse… they touch!
This is when C.B.A. kicks into full gear. In your awkward attempt to sell the moment you move your hand from the hovering like a moron position to leaning over to scratch your ankle in some poor attempt to fool your friend – who, by the way, knows exactly what you’re doing. Some may choose to go for the fake stretch, or act as if they were reaching over the bag to retrieve an object that they suddenly found interesting. “Wow, look at that… coaster.”
And it doesn’t end there. 

Now, you can’t immediately go back for a chip. No no no, you must sell it. Wait a bit. Don’t ever let them think you wanted a chip!  You must wait!  Study that coaster. Itch that ankle. Stretch like you just woke up from a week long sleep.
Most times your friend will play along with the game and ignore you.
But on the rare occasions when your friend DOES acknowledge what you are attempting to do…  you still play the game!
Your Friend:  ”No, go ahead.”  
You: “Nah, I didn’t want any…  this coaster is so amazing, with the stains and stuff.”
It’s a viscous cycle that will go on the entire night.
But –  like Chippy the Hand Mascot says: 

“Only you can prevent 
Chip Bag Anxiety… Only you.”

Get your own bag! 

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