Okay, I knew the continent of Africa was big – but this really puts things into perspective!
Yeah, let that soak in for a minute. Now… check out the rest of these map comparisons. 

Alaska -x- The Contiguous United States

Brazil -x- The United States

(this one really blew my mind)
Iran -x- The United States
Japan -x- United States
(There’s 127 million people living in Japan – 320 million in America)
Europe -x- United States

Antarctica -x- United States 

(There’s between 1000-5000 people living in Antarctica – mostly scientists)

India -x- United States
(There’s 1.2 billion people living in India – 320 million in America)

Russia x United States

(There’s 143 Million people living in Russia – 320 million in America)

This is what continents actually look like
This map is called the The Gall-Peters Projection world map. While originally created by James Gall in 1885, the Gall-Peters Projection came into public consciousness in 1967 when Arno Peters championed it as a more accurate representation of the size of countries. 

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