Cartoons were sort of a television rarity back when I was a kid.

We got them on Saturday morning, maybe early Sunday if we were lucky, and a few holidays.  
Cartoons airing during the week, or at night, were unheard of. 

Then, someone at the USA network had a brilliant idea. An idea way ahead of it’s time.

Playing cartoons, Monday through Friday!

For those lucky enough to have cable, it was a rare opportunity to watch cartoons right after dinner, during a school night – Grape Ape, Hong Kong Phooey, Jabberjaw, and Captain Caveman to name a few. Oh, and that weird one with the rhino thing that fired fireballs and his buddy, the blob guy? What in the world was going on there? Was it the Herculoids? I guess I can just Google ‘blob with fire shooting dinosaur thing’.  

Then there was the Laff-O-Lympics, which I kept close score of. 

The ‘Really Rottens’ managed to win twice. And once, if I remember correctly, all three teams managed to tie. I need to find my old trapper keeper to double check. 

But what I remember most are the bumpers… 

And this….

And then this little commercial for the show…

The Cartoon Express was the sole reason I asked my parents for Grape Ape footy pajamas.

 (Note: I’ve searched the entire internet for these things… I swear I owned them.) 
USA Cartoon Express lasted from 1982 – 1996. That’s impressive. And even though it may have been a dumping ground for outdated and mostly mindless cartoons, it helped fill that six day void we were forced to endure. 

A void I was more than happy to fill with such classics as ‘The Robotic Stooges’.
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