Have you ever wondered how an email actually travels to other parts of the world? Or how you can read an article on a site based in Asia? Well, it’s not magic… and it may blow your mind.

If I told you there are literally thousands of miles of 
internet cable wrapping around the globe, mostly 
running under the ocean… you would probably laugh.  
But nearly all of the world’s international communication 
is dependent on undersea cables that carry information 
from nation to nation.

And here’s another thing to think about… 
At some point those cables have to return to land… 
And they do, all over the world.

But don’t worry, if anyone was thinking of doing damage to them, it’s a lost cause. There are so many alternate cables that it would only slow down the internet in that specific area until it was fixed.
The interactive map below shows how those cables connect the world, from massive continents to tiny islands. It’s pretty amazing to see it all. 
And make sure to check out North Korea.

Click on the map for interactive goodness.

 Source: http://www.telegeography.com/telecom-maps/submarine-cable-map/index.html

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