(Designed By Michael Jackson)

You’ve probably seen Michael do some amazing things on stage – if you’re too young to know what I’m talking about… check Youtube and be amazed.

I spent a lot of time (as a kid) trying to figured out the moon walk, but when I saw Michael do the ‘anti-gravity’ move – I was baffled. Was it strings? Wire trick? Some sort of voo-doo?
(Mind you, this was before you could Google anything)

Eventually I gave up and went about my life, forever defeated by this master of deception.

Fast forward to 2013. I’m surfing around the web and behold! The answer to this burning question.
In 1993, Michael Jackson (and two other co-inventors) designed shoes utilizing a special heel slot that allows the foot to catch a hitch on the stage. 
  The wearer simply slides the foot forward over the hitch and voila, that person can now actually lean forward beyond their natural center of gravity without falling over.

 So simple – yet so brilliant!

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