Tig & Eric are back for another week of the Nerd Out With Me ’90s Cast, a 120-episode weekly podcast journey through the 1990s. Starting with January 1990 and finishing with December 1999, they wax nostalgic on all the movies, video games, music, TV shows, and more that made the ’90s what they are.

Eric & Tig get a bit messy in their slightly meandering, beer-fueled third episode, in which they discuss the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles movie, the final episode of ALF, the end of the Cold War, and whether or not another beer is a good idea — all while trying to stay focused, coherent, and on topic. It’s a lovable disaster!

PLUS – for Patreon subscribers ONLY, a bonus episode that looks back at the ’90s hit movie Pretty Woman and the music of March 1990 (which was often hilariously bad), all of it lubricated with one too many beers.

And don’t forget, you can watch a much-shortened version of this podcast on youtube over at the Nerd Out With Me Youtube channel.

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2 thoughts on “The ’90s Cast! Episode 3 – March 1990 (ALF, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles)”

  1. Taking a brief break from twitter but still want to throw feedback back to you guys. Great episode 3! And I honestly enjoyed the cold war talk as I also remember practicing bomb drills by hiding under my desk or going to the auditorium in elementary school during the 80s in NYC. I would vote to keep that kind of talk in the podcast as it gives a sense of the times we lived in. And that 1st TMNT will always be the best TMNT movie. I cry every time at the campfire scene!

    1. Sorry it took us so long to respond. We are both in a frenzy to film, and also learn a new site. And… we are old.

      Glad you’re enjoying the podcast! And, also super happy you enjoy the cold war talk. Me and Eric could go on for hours about history and such, but both aren’t quite sure how entertaining it is. Maybe we can get a bit more in for 1991. 🙂

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