Tig & Eric are back for the second episode of the Nerd Out With Me ’90s Cast, a 120-episode weekly podcast journey through the 1990s. Starting with January 1990 and finishing with December 1999, they wax nostalgic on all the movies, video games, music, TV shows, and more that made the ’90s what they are.

This week, Tig & Eric dive into the release of Super Mario Bros. 3, music that is so ’90s it hurts — the insane genie pants of MC Hammer’s “Please Hammer Don’t Hurt ‘Em” — and the movies of Steve Seagal for some damn reason.

PLUS – for Patreon subscribers ONLY, a bonus episode that takes a look back at historic news of the day. In this beer-fueled bonus episode, Tig & Eric discuss the dawn of smoking bans, Nelson Mandela being freed from prison, and Carl Sagan’s famed Pale Blue Dot photograph, all of it lubricated with one too many beers.

And don’t forget, you can watch a much-shortened version of this podcast on youtube over at the Nerd Out With Me Youtube channel.

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