Welcome as Tig & Eric from ‘Nerd Out With Me’ take their Youtube show to the podcasting world for a 120-episode journey through the 1990s. Starting in January 1990 and finishing in December 1999, they wax nostalgic on all the movies, video games, music, TV shows, food, and everything else that made the ’90s what they are, each week focused on a specific month.

Whether you loved the ’90s or just like nerding out, you’ll want to take this journey with them!

In their debut episode, Tig & Eric dive into the debut of The Simpsons, the U.S. release of the Nintendo GameBoy, and Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2.

PLUS – for Patreon subscribers, the first bonus episode is a look back at the debut of MTV Unplugged and all the cool music it spawned.

Join us for our 120-episode journey through the 1990s at nerdoutwithme.com, and get ANOTHER 120 BONUS episodes at patreon.com/nerdoutwithme.

Subscribe via iTunes and other major podcast feeds, stream the episode with the player below, or download it directly in mp3 format.


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