Here are some of the worst/strangest board games 
I’ve ever stumbled upon while surfing the interwebs.

(If you had the pleasure of playing any of these – please let me know!)

Like Rodney – this game gets no respect

I can’t even imagine… nor do I want to.

Known throughout the interwebs as the worst board game of all time. I’m not joking.

The board game where you just sit and listen to Clarissa explain it all. Average game time – 4 months.

I would actually like to play this. The art is pretty amazing.

The game where nobody knows if you won

The most vague game description in history.

Angela Lansbury looks like a creepy magician’s puppet.

What is Screech doing to Zack?

It’s a T-Rex! Maybe I can block it with my hand!

The board looks like the rug at my childhood doctor’s office.

Mr. T is a time lord?

Loaded with juicy personal facts you won’t find anywhere else! How exciting!

The game where you can rap with Vanilla Ice. Hmm, this could actually be cool.

The game where you get to be a bigot.

I love that it says “As seen on TV.”

The game where everyone moves at the same time.

That’s not Daisy! That’s an imposter!

The game that passive aggressively tells you that you must love it.

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11 thoughts on “Some of the Worst Board Games Ever”

  1. Just bought the Rodney Dangerfield game at the Goodwill last week. We have not played it however, because it is the most complicated instructions for a board game I have ever seen. There's something involving numbered tiles and blocking your opponent from building their tiles up…the only connection to Rodney is a guy on the back playing and pulling on his tie in the worst Dangerfield pantomime I have ever seen.

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