Okay, you’ve worked far too hard today – time for a nice calming walk through the Pic-Dump.
Game Night.
 There, now don’t you feel better!
Nerd Out With Me

5 thoughts on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (April 23rd, 2014)”

  1. I have worked hard today and I did get something big done. Unfortunately it wasn't the thing that I wanted to get done. Perhaps tomorrow will fair better.

    * Speaking of "I Choose You", My friend Mike and his girlfriend Valentine-Coon (sounds like the name of Japanese anime series like Eureka Seven or Cowboy Bebop) went to see "Captain America: Winter Soldier" last week and were wearing their matching Pokeball T-Shirt's while I was wearing my shirt with Cap's Shield on it. Three circle shapes sitting in a row and I'm the one that doesn't match!

    They just announced their engagement over the weekend which involve opening the top of a TARDIS toy to reveal the ring. NERDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    * What is with this horse head trend?! I don't even know.

  2. Well, at least you got SOMETHING done. Wednesday is a hard day to get anything done.. at least for me. Something about it. Thursdays are good for the big push before Friday.

    Wow.. your friends are huge nerds. I love it! BTW… did you all like Capt. America? I'm yet to see it, but my friends said they did a good job. Though I one close friend… and huge comic dude… sort of snickered at it.

    The horse head thing has been around for a few years. I think it started when some guy in Britain. The guy put one on when the Google 'Street View" car drove by his place. Since then, it's sort of just a creepy thing to do. It scares the crap out of me.

    Looking forward to seeing the finished version of that outside – couple – party – scene!

  3. I know, complete and total nerds. How am I supposed to compete with that?!

    I enjoyed Winter Soldier. It was expertly paced with good action and character development. However it had the same problem that I'm beginning to see in these Marvel movies were they have a strong set up but by the time they get to the third act they pack on a huge 'splosion climax that feels a bit overindulgent. But thats such an action movie trope in general that it hardly seems worth nitpicking.

    In fact the party scene was the thing I was hoping to accomplish, but I keep getting caught up in the particulars. At least I know that by posting my sketches that I'm successfully building up anticipation just like I hoped. Now all I need to do is deliver on the hype.

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