Time to stop doing what you’re doing and take a nice calming walk through the Pic-Dump! 

(Feel free to share all of them)

There, now don’t you feel better?!
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2 thoughts on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (Aug 26th, 2015)”

  1. Always sorry for what I say during Mario Kart, too. That dog face paint is a little too… odd for me. But too each their own. Saturday the 14th was a movie I enjoyed as a kid but feel like I wouldn't enjoy as much now. Maybe best to just leave it in the past. Happy Wednesday!

  2. The dog face paint thing is very unsettling to look at. I agree. But I can't look away. LOL.

    And I have to agree with you about Sat the 14th. Def one of those films that probably doesn't hold up too well. Same happened to me with "My Science Project". I loved it as a kid, talked it up to some friends, found it on Dvd, bought it, watched it, and tossed it in a closet.

    Thanks for stopping by every Wednesday, Joe. 🙂

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