Time to stop doing what you’re doing,

and take a nice calming walk through

the PIC-DUMP! 

(Feel free to share all of them)

 Statue Of Liberty – Pre-assembled in France – before being broken back down, boxed, and shipped to America.

 Remember the Riddle?

There, now don’t you feel better?!

Nerd Out With Me

4 thoughts on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (Sept 9th, 2015)”

  1. Going to try and say something about each pic, because A) you took the time to choose them and post them and B) I have some free time!

    1) The Mike and Sully as Han and Chewy seems almost obvious, yet I never thought about it before!
    2) Is that a real photo of some one adjusting a theater marquee or just a random artist's piece?
    3) I am not as scared as the dude with the glowing red hands as I should be, for some reason.
    4) The Beetlejuice pic is pretty funny stuff.
    5) Hasselhoff and his musical career continues to mystify me.
    6) I really need to give the Evil Dead movies another shot. I tried a few years ago and was bored, but who knows. Maybe now I will feel differently.
    7) That Back To The Dentist poster is annoying to me, on a few levels.
    8) I would LOVE to come across a sticker like that Die Hard/Bruce Willis one in real life. Love when people have a sense of humor.
    9) That is comforting Netflix info for me, too. I would hate to lose my place in shows, like Buffy and Star Trek Voyager, which I intend to get back to, soon!
    10) Nintendo gets deep!
    11) Sometimes I spend too much time like that dude, who I think is Napolean Dynamite's brother?
    12) I bet Luke would piss off his neighbors, barrel-assing into that garage at all hours with his landspeeder revving. Damn kids.
    13) Bet Dolph Lundgren is fond of that Rocky IV poster! LOL
    14) As funny as that costume is, complete body spandex is always unsettling to me.
    15) I saw Monster Squad for the first time last year (I know), and I can't wait to watch again. So glad Netflix is carrying it!
    16) Fun neon sign gif. Bet some die-hard Star Wars fan will try and make it a reality!
    17) Um… Poltergeist tree?
    18) Some knitting or crocheting crafters skills amaze me!
    19) Zoinks. Poster doesn't reflect well on Archer. But it makes me more excited for watching Voyager, since it seems like a lot of shit happens!
    20) That Williams factoid is cool and sad. Spielberg must miss those phone calls.
    21) Veruca was an odd child.
    22) Sadly, he probably was justified in his 80s era arcade confidence there. Different world.
    23) That life before cell phones pic is so damn spot on!
    24) That really Fisher as Leia in that pic? Never saw that shot before. Beautiful!
    25) Just was saying something similar about the Google pic to my daughter a week or so ago, how you don't just magically know everything. A lot of being an adult is just making decisions or guesses based on the experiences we've had.
    26) Not surprising to know that Simon Cowell polished a murderous weapon of choice. LOL
    27) Not sure what that art is from, but it is disturbing. The last guy with the young girl looks like Ron Perlman, though.
    28) The Gilligan's Island game was probably fun to play, at least a couple of times.
    29) That a compliment or an insult?
    30) Great, random cosplay!
    31) Fun E.T./Back to the Future art!
    32) How many people quote this bit of dialogue every week? Many, I am sure.
    33) The Cheshire Cat has a point.
    34) Beauty and the Beast via Teen Wolf? LOL
    35) Nerd fact: I once built the Curious Good store from Friday the 13th: The Series out of LEGOs. Please don't block me from your blog!
    36) Didn't The Simpsons actually have a racing video game? Road Rage, I think?
    37) Weird. Think of the Statue of Liberty as being such a part of New York it is weird to think of it before it was there!
    38) The eyes on the tennis balls make all the difference!
    39) More cool mashup art! Imagination always impresses me!
    40) Fun kids' cosplay, but did they know who they were portraying?
    41) The sign is not wrong.
    42) Mean parents or mean kid? Hope the glass holds out!
    43) Well, I guess propaganda posters were no use for the dinosaurian regime!
    44) That is one hell of a trippy outer space piece!!!
    45) I do not remember the riddle.
    46) Does that tattoo really get better? I am not so sure.

    Thanks for the fun pics! Hope I didn't annoy the hell out of you! Happy Wednesday!

  2. I enjoyed this list, more than my pic-dump. LOL. I'm going to attempt to respond…

    2) I'm pretty sure that's an authentic photo – which makes me giddy.
    3) the dude is Sho'Nuff from 'The Last Dragon' (1985) One of my favorite – terrible 80s films. LOL.
    6) Def give them another shot. They're pretty witty and purposely campy.
    8) I agree 100% (And not just because I hate going to the dentist)
    11) Yeppers! that is Kip from Napoleon Dynamite.
    15) I'm just happy to know you finally watched it! (Wolfman's Got Nards!)
    17) Yes! I hated that damn tree. Great Movie though. Perfect Halloween Fodder.
    24)I was told it was a photo shoot for the movie – it's beautiful Indeed.
    27) It is, in fact, Ron Perlman. This is from the movie 'City of Lost Children' – which happens to be one of my favorite movies ever. It's visually amazing, and I just love the story and pacing. Def worth watching.
    28) I would love to try it out.
    29) Compliment.
    32) At least 100 times a day, I'm sure.
    34) HA! Great observation.
    35) This fact just elevates you in my nerd eyes.
    36) yes, and I wasn't a big fan of it. Got repetitive.
    37) I agree. This photo blew my mind.
    38) HA! Without a doubt.
    40) I know the parents from Instagram, and I'm pretty sure they do. I know my kids don't… which I need to fix.
    42) A little of both.
    44) This is fan-art for 'Rendezvous with Rama' – a hard science fiction novel by Arthur C. Clarke. A book I tried to read, and lost interest in. My other nerd friends ridiculed me for that. LOL.
    45) Okay, the riddle… Two identical twins stand at identical doors. One Door leads to the castle – the other to certain death! One twin always tells the truth – one always lies. You can only ask One Question. What do you ask?
    46) No. No it doesn't.

    Thanks for writing, Joe. You, once again, made my day. 🙂

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