You’ve Worked Too Hard Today…
Time for a Bone Chilling Walk through the
Spooky Halloween PIC-DUMP!


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13 thoughts on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (HALLOWEEN 2015)”

  1. You outdid yourself! And you asked for it:

    1) That is an imaginative idea and some awesome pumpkin carving!
    2) Scarily good Penguin and
    3) Freak-show level Scully deserve some praise!
    4) Guess we know who the B-level friends are in this group? Cool idea, though!
    5) Also imaginative. Amazing what people think of!
    6) Is that a kid dressed as Gargamel in the Garfield Halloween Special? LOL
    7) I'd buy those Teenage Mutant Serial Killers if they were real.
    8) Not sure if I have ever watched The Gate. Is it good?
    9) That is one hell of a Scooby-Doo crossover episode! The Monster Quotient would be high, too!
    10) Some kids just get it.
    11) Wish HBO or some other channel, Chiller maybe, would start rerunning Tales from the Crypt. Been too long.
    12) Am I the only one who would like an anthology type Haunted Mansion movie dealing with some of the actual spooks we see on the ride?
    13) I would wear that MSW/JP mashup on a tee.
    14) Beetlejuice and his No-Soulmate?
    15) I haven't seen Poltergeist in years. I wonder if it would still seem scary?
    16) Would also wear the Murder Babies.
    17) I don't crochet, but I could probably do something similar with plastic canvas and yarn.
    18) I don't get the whatever the reference is here with Freddy and Jason wrasslin'.
    19) Harry Potter and The Evil Dead sounds interesting…
    20) Fun parody. I was thinking the other day of slowly collecting the Garbage Pail kids or the older food product parody trading cards, as magnets and literally covering my fridge with them. Art is in the eye of the beholder, right?
    21) This is like the "farewell to Halloween" picture in my head, with the trick-or-treating kids from the beginning of Halloween III the "welcome to Halloween" picture. Not sure if that makes sense, it does in my head.
    22) Like some sort of behind the scene Muppet stuff going on there with Mr. Myers.
    23) Snoopy might survive the zombie apocolypse, but ol' Chuck would be a goner.
    24) Would that make Norman snap back to his own persona? Or would he develop a third one?
    25) I digress, but Tobin Bell in saw reminds me of latter-day Tony Geary as Luke Spencer on General Hospital.

  2. 26) I LOVE this movie!!! Curry should have won an Oscar, goddammit.
    27) Long as he thinks he's the Thing, that's all that matters.
    28) I bought these movies earlier this year and have yet to dive in. One snowy day, maybe.
    29) These are what I was talking about for my fridge! Sick of me yet?
    30) Goofy film. I watched it quite a few times as a kid.
    31) Ok.
    32) Never watched. I was too old by then and it was never on my radar. Glad a generation had a spooky show of their own, though!
    33) Wow. That cannot be unseen. With that tongue and mastery of the Force, Yoda would be a hot commodity on the dating circle.
    34) Still unsure of seeing Ricci so… adult.
    35) Would anyone begrudge Jason this murder?
    36) That looks like a hell of a Halloween party!
    37) Good to see Jason and Freddy have made up. And yes, I'd wear that, too.
    38) Zoinks. That is a weird mashup idea!
    39) Lifelong Squad Goals.
    40) Ok, Part 2.
    41) One image evokes an entire film, sometimes.
    42) Sweet. People come up with much better mashup ideas then I ever would.
    43) Cool poster. Am not a fan of the films. Or rather, I haven't really been able to sit through and enjoy them all without being bored out of my gourd.
    44) Behind the scenes shots can be weird, sometimes. Like losing some of the mystery, I guess.
    45) Someone should have given Pinhead a Rubik's Cube YEARS ago!
    46) Yup, I hear that. And I also watch the bowl, hoping certain things are left when trick-or-treating is over, cause you know, it's not like I can't just go to the store and buy an entire bag for myself! LOL
    47) Shit, let's see Woody and friends try and jerry-rig their way out of this one!
    48) Visually pretty, but one watch was really enough for me with this movie.
    49) Holy Pumpkins, that is quite the Halloween collection! So sweet.
    50) With pics like this, I am surprised there aren't more demented adults in the world than there are.

  3. 51) Damn, you'd think Ariel would have been the perfect woman for old Gill-Man.
    52) Bet the kids in the neighborhood were freaked out by this house! Hot damn!
    53) Hah! That's fun!
    54) What movie is this still from? I have no recollection of it. (The man with the voodoo doll pic)
    55) He's telling her about his bone. What???
    56) Hmm, yeah… Not sure I like that.
    57) That is some dedication. And my son would avoid that street til it was gone, without a doubt.
    58) I want to give Scream 4 a rewatch. Maybe tonight.
    59) That horror movie icons in a movie theater pic is a thing of beauty. I'd frame it and hang it and love it forever.
    60) More work went in to that costume than it appears. Wonder if he is the one and only to think of and do this one?
    61) Critters? Ghoulies? Monsters? I have no clue.
    62) That is… a well done costume and a weird kid.
    63) Another I want to watch again, with the first sequel.
    64) hahahaha – Bet that one won a prize! Should be called The Fruits of Labor! WHAT???
    65) Funny, my son was just telling me his teacher is having an SNL themed Halloween party this weekend. She is going as Roseanne Roseannadana.
    66) Either he has demanding parents or he is one bad ass little kid.
    67) Bet the dog isn't really scared and is just using the zombie to scratch his ass.
    68) Classic! Ichabod is a name you really can't use anymore, huh?
    69) I can see Homer as Ash being a video game.
    70) This time, the Evil Queen got someone who CAN finish the job.
    71) Hell, definitely better than Dogs Playing Poker, that's for sure.
    72) Jason's motto, for sure. Of course, Tommy Jarvis gets some of the blame for that.
    73) That would be so creey and unsettling to just leave on the counter in the guest bathroom.
    74) So creepy, even nearing 100 years later!
    75) Bah, Hallmark Channel isn't even waiting that long! Their Christmas movies start ON Halloween day!

  4. 76) I want to believe that kid wanted that costume so badly.
    77) Super creepy poster for a weird movie.
    78) That is a level of determination and talent above and beyond! Wonder how many kids or teens had no clue who this family were dressed as?
    79) Save that for March! Enough to watch without adding those films to the mix!
    80) The happiest insane cannibal this side of … anywhere!
    81) Linus getting shit from the rest of the gang. In their defense though, he was a weird kid. In his defense, they are ALL weird kids.
    82) My daughter idolizes Kathy Bates.
    83) Used this one as my Facebook and Twitter icon a few years back. Freaking amazing piece of art.
    84) Classic. So many wouldn't get it but those that do would appreciate it.
    85) LOL… Kudos to her!
    86) Extremely well painted, but at first I thought Threepio was a giant walnut! LOL
    87) Well done and very cool. Hope they were able to take a pic with someone dressed as Bender.
    88) There is a whole series of these horror icon masks on the wall, isn't there? Great piece if I remember correctly.
    89) Hah! I should do this next year around the garden. Remind me!
    90) Should have been called Jack Of All Trades.
    91) Well done Lost Boys piece of art.
    92) Never watched this show. Not sure what else to say. Um, I am watching Jason X as I write this. Love that movie, just fun stuff.
    93) Must have made the people who took the pics laugh their asses off!
    94) Creepy in any form.
    95) I really hope that is a woman as Ned and not a really committed guy.
    96) Freaking scary make up job. Is this from The Witches?
    97) Any Halloween fans upon realizing there is only a few days left!!!
    98) Again, beautiful and frameable and awesome.
    99) Price was always such a good sport and a class act.
    100) Shit. Guess that means no more Scooby gang!
    101) I remember being terrified of that scene!!!
    102) Frankensteeeeeeen!
    103) I would have played that game for hours.
    104) Another I let slip through the sewer grate. Someday.
    105) Hah! Fun, seems like a Robot Chicken moment!

    A Scary Super Halloween to you, too! Thanks for all these awesome Wednesday breaks! Much anticipated and appreciated!

    And remember, it's Halloween. Everyone's Entitled to One Good Scare!

  5. This is so epic! I read everyone – and will do my best to answer.
    8) "The Gate" – I loved it as a kid, but def was corny and doesn't hold up well.
    12) I've wished the same about a Haunted Mansion movie… but still have my fingers crossed.
    14) Yes. LOL
    15) Poltergeist is STILL scary. I will not watch it alone.
    18) No reference – just cool. At least, that's what I get from it.
    20) I think you are referring to "Wacky Packages" cards? And I happen to own the entire first set! I loved them growing up. And they sell GPK magnets – I own a few and have them on my fridge as we speak. So I say GO FOR IT!
    21) Totally makes sense.
    24) Norman would run…. then get eaten.

  6. 54) it's from "Tales From The Hood" (1995) I worked at a movie theater when it was released, and watched it a good amount of times during lunch breaks. It's a horror / comedy. Not bad.
    61) Ghoulies!
    65) That's the coolest thing I ever heard – I would go as Father Guido Sarducci.
    68) Yeah, he kind of ruined it.

  7. 82) Kathy Bates is the ONLY reason I hung in to watch 'American Horror Story' last year. She rocks!
    88) yeah, there def is – and they are ALL amazing.
    92) 'Regular Show' is actually pretty good.
    95) Yeah, I felt the same way.
    96) Yeppers! Another creepy kids movie.

    I'm so glad you did this – and enjoyed all the pics. I hope you have a great Halloween.. and scare the crap out of some peeps along the way! 🙂

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