Time For A Walk Through The PIC-DUMP

There, Now Don’t You Feel Better ?!


One thought on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (9-20-17)”

  1. Do you think Charlie Brown told Michael Myers he got a rock? I wonder if they just looked at each other, briefly, and then all just kept on walking their separate ways.

    How many kids annoyed their parents with the MacGyver Knife Set at the dinner table?

    I know if that was Spidey’s powers I would lead a crime free life!

    I had those scratch-n-sniff stickers, but I am sure many kids did.

    That Earth Exploded poster is sadly not far from reality. My extended family includes a young woman in her 20s who just shared a post about the fact that we are going to have 20 days of darkness this November. I wish I was kidding.

    I would visit the abandoned Oz theme park.

    Many Monopoly games end in dissolved families. I am sure of it.

    That K’nex set up is amazing!

    Love the Captain America cosplayer!

    And the bird – man thing – is that from the animated Brady Kids show??

    Happy Wednesday!

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