Time For A Nice Walk
Through The PIC-DUMP!!!
Gremlins is a Christmas Movie… think about THAT for a second…
Bea Arthur dancing in the Star Wars Holiday Special (1978)
Snowflake magnified 50x

There, now don’t you feel better!



Nerd Out With Me

8 thoughts on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (CHRISTMAS 2016)”

  1. Ho Ho Ho! Great post full of Christmas cheer! Love the Aquaman Christmas Cookie! LOL… And the Emmet Otter art, we haven't watched that yet but we are going to soon. Time goes too fast, man. Thank you for all the amazing posts and Pic Dumps throughout the year. Definite highlights for the weeks. Here's to a great Christmas for you and yours and an amazing 2015! Happy Holidays!

  2. Thanks, Joe! And thanks for commenting and sharing my posts all season! It means a lot! I hope you and you fam have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!

    PS -I attempted the gingerbread AT-AT Walker – I should have taken a pic… it was an epic fail. LOL

  3. Do you just add on to the post each year? Making a mega-Christmas-Pic Dump? Anyway – Happy Holidays, Merry Christmas and a very Happy & Healthy 2017 to you and your fellow nerds. Thanks for all the enjoyment!

  4. Yeah, because I only have so much. And, though it's new to most, for someone who visits often – it's not as much fun. But I promise next weeks will be Nerdy Fresh!

    I hope you have a great Holiday Joe! And I thank you for making these fun for me over the years. I really appreciate it. 🙂

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