League Topic: Garage Sale/Flea Market Finds

I don’t get to go to garage sales and flea markets as much as I used to. When I was a young nerdy buck, I could spend a whole day searching for a geeky treasures amongst the boxes of cables wires and half used candles.

It was a lot of fun finding something from your childhood, and getting it for a great price.
(All this talk makes me want to start doing it again!)
Anywho, here’s a few of my favorite finds that I still have laying around the house. 
  This is one of my favorite finds. It’s a Darth Vader Belt buckle from 1979. It was buried in with a bunch of other belt buckles (the rest were mostly Nascar related). It was made by ‘Lee’ and it’s solid metal. One day I will strap a belt to it and where it out on the town. I scored this for 2 bucks. 
The next thing I got for a quarter at a yard sale. Many times I was tempted to crack open the package, just to experience what exactly a Pac-Man air freshener smells like.   
And last, this Roger Rabbit… thing. It stands about 4 inches tall and is made of that same rubbery plastic stuff those smurfs were made of in the 80’s. I keep it on my desk at work. I found Roger at a flea market toward the end of the day, sitting between a wok and a bunch of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle action figures – most of which were broken or real sticky. It cost me fifty cents.
I really need to get back out there. 

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