It’s my favorite ride in all of Disney World. No matter what time of year it is, even on Christmas, the Haunted Mansion keeps Halloween alive 365 days a year.

And one of the more memorable parts of this haunted themeride happens before you even step on the actual ride.

Known by many as the ‘Octagon room’, this is where the tone is set.


On each wall hang four portraits. All appears normal. But soon, things get strange. Something feels off. The portraits seem to be… growing? Is the room stretching? Get me out of here!



It’s a great trick, and pulled off quite well. I still chuckle at seeing the silly paintings in all their glory.

These portraits are pretty famous in Disney lore. So famous in fact, it seems some talented artistic-folks  decided to create their own versions of the stretch portraits.
Here’s a few I found floating around the interwebs:
It was tough trying to track down ALL the artists. If you discover any I’ve missed, post them in the comment section below.


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