Exhibit – A
Exhibit – B

Exhibit – C

Exhibit – D

Exhibit – E

 Exhibit – F

  Exhibit – G

Exhibit – H

Exhibit -I

Exhibit -J

Exhibit -K

Exhibit – L

Exhibit -M



(Sci-Fi Edition)

A – 2001: A Space Odyssey

B – Star Wars: Episode IV

C – The Fifth Element

F – Alien

G – Blade Runner

I – Gravity

J – Space Camp

K – Contact
L – Dune
M – The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy

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9 thoughts on “Guess The Movies – (Sci-Fi Edition)”

  1. A. 2001 B. Star Wars C. 5th Element D. Matrix E. Star Trek F. Alien G. Blade Runner (just watched it for the 1st time) H. Last Starfighter I. Gravity? J. Space Camp K. Contact 12. Dune

  2. I actually have a shot at this one! A) 2001 B) Star Wars C) Fifth Element D) Matrix E) Star Trek IV F) Alien G) Blade Runner H)?? I) Gravity J)?? K) Contact L) Dune
    So close!

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