Exhibit – A

“15 thousand cars.”

Exhibit – B

Think… Space Turd

Exhibit – C

I refuse to give you a clue for this.

Exhibit – D

“Boys! Avenge Me!”

Exhibit – E

“Be nice.”

 Exhibit – F

This scene , from a famous 80 film, always bothered me.

 Exhibit – G

“What do you want?”

 Exhibit – H

“That still only counts as one.”

Let’s See How You Did…

Round 12 Answers: 

AGung Ho

DRed Dawn

FSuperman 3


HThe Lord of the Rings (Return of the King)

Let me know how you did!

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7 thoughts on “Guess The Movies – (Round 12)”

  1. Very good Cueve! You win this round. It scared the hell out of me too. The kids watched it recently and I told them about the scene and how it scared me as a kid. They weren't impressed.

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