Exhibit – A
Exhibit – B

Exhibit – C

Exhibit – D

Exhibit – E


 Exhibit – F

Exhibit – G

Exhibit – H

Exhibit -I

(A young Robert Downey Jr.)

Exhibit -J



A – Groundhog Day

B – Stripes
C – Ghostbusters
D – Heavy Metal
E – Orange County
F – Knocked Up
G – Caddyshack
H – Meatballs
I – Back To School
J – Analyze This

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4 thoughts on “Guess The Movies – (Harold Ramis Edition)”

  1. A. Groundhog Day
    B. Stripes
    C. Ghostbusters
    F. Knocked Up
    G. Caddy Shack
    H. Meatballs
    I. Back to School
    J. Analyze This

  2. I'm never going to get 100% of these.
    A) Groundhog Day
    B) Stripes
    C) Ghostbusters
    D) ???
    E) Orange County? Is that Colin Hanks?
    F) Knocked Up
    G) Caddyshack
    H) Meatballs
    I) I should know this, but I don't
    J) Analyze This

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