Exhibit – A
Exhibit – B

Exhibit – C

Exhibit – D

Exhibit – E


 Exhibit – F

Exhibit – G

Exhibit – H

Exhibit -I

(A young Robert Downey Jr.)

Exhibit -J



A – Groundhog Day

B – Stripes
C – Ghostbusters
D – Heavy Metal
E – Orange County
F – Knocked Up
G – Caddyshack
H – Meatballs
I – Back To School
J – Analyze This

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4 thoughts on “Guess The Movies – (Harold Ramis Edition)”

  1. I'm never going to get 100% of these.
    A) Groundhog Day
    B) Stripes
    C) Ghostbusters
    D) ???
    E) Orange County? Is that Colin Hanks?
    F) Knocked Up
    G) Caddyshack
    H) Meatballs
    I) I should know this, but I don't
    J) Analyze This

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