Get Your Jingle Bells Ready…

Exhibit – A

Exhibit – B

Exhibit – C

Exhibit – D

Exhibit – E

 Exhibit – F

  Exhibit – G

 (by the way – this is “Ralphie” from Christmas Story playing a role in another Christmas movie.)

Exhibit – H

Exhibit -I

Exhibit – J

Exhibit -K


Christmas Spectacular!
Nerd Out With Me

17 thoughts on “Guess The Movies – Christmas Spectacular!”

  1. A:….Prancer?
    B: A Christmas Story
    C: Die Hard
    D: Ernest Saves Christmas
    E: Home Alone
    F: Scrooged?
    G: Elf
    H: The Santa Clause
    I: Jingle all the Way
    J: The Muppets Christmas Carol

  2. Lol, best scene from that movie! "There it is! The Griswold family Christmas tree!"

    Classic, a yearly tradition in our family. The only movie I didn't recognize right away was Scrooged.

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