You know the routine:

I post frames from some movies… you guess the movies.

Post answers in comment section.

((Congrats to Sarahsaurus for WINNING round 25!))

(Answers to Round 25 at bottom)

Exhibit – A
Exhibit – B

Exhibit – C

Exhibit – D

Exhibit – E

 Exhibit – F

  Exhibit – G

Exhibit – H

Exhibit -I

Exhibit -J

Round 25 Answers:
(click answer to see pic)

C Goodfellas

KJurassic Park

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Beware, for below lurks the comment section.. 
where guesses may spoil your day.

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4 thoughts on “Nerdy PIC-DUMP (March 13th, 2014)”

  1. A, Dark Crystal
    B, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade
    C, Cast Away
    D, Bedazzled
    E, ?
    F, Boogie Nights
    G, Point Break
    H, The Dark Knight
    I, QUICK CHANGE!!!!!
    J, The Abyss

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