Quick – If you drop a feather and a hammer at the same time, which will hit the ground first?

On Earth it’s the hammer. Why? Because it’s heavy enough to cut through our atmosphere without being too effected by it. The feather, with less mass, has a tougher time getting through Earth’s atmosphere, so it lazily floats to the ground.
The actual hammer & feather.

Now… what if you do it somewhere without much of an atmosphere at all? Somewhere like the moon!

Well, my fellow nerds and nerdettes… you’re in luck!

With the lunar module and a mountain as a backdrop, David Scott (the astronaut)  recreates Galileo’s famous gravity experiment in a low-gravity vacuum by letting a hammer and falcon’s feather fall to the ground – ON THE MOON.

Skip to :35 sec if you’re short on time.
And just like that… SCIENCE!


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