I’m SHOCKED when I mention ‘Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas’, and someone responds with a confused stare…

This muppet-classic was a staple in my childhood home. We would quote it, sing the songs – (mostly the ‘River Bottom Nightmare Band’ song), and laugh at the weird way the muppets walked. (muppet legs = nightmare fuel)
 This quaint story revolves around a poor otter family, and how they risk everything for the chance to win the cash prize of a talent contest for Christmas.

But they must compete against the gnarliest, most reckless band in town:‘The River Bottom Nightmare Band!’

The River Bottom Nightmare band were rumored to NOT brush their teeth… because their cavities helped to keep them mean.
And here is the actual Jug-band. They practiced in a tree… and were once mistaken for birds.
Doc Bullfrog helped run the talent show during the finale.  
He was filled with energy – as you can plainly see.
I suppose this movie can be considered a sort of cult classic.
If I’m not mistaken, it aired on HBO exclusively for many years, so it didn’t get the same viewership as the other classic Christmas specials. But at our home, it was a must watch every year. It was slower paced than most of the other usual Christmas Specials, but it was Jim Henson… so it worked.
Yes, it’s corny. Yes, some of the songs are tough to get through. One in particular gives me the same teeth-grinding, ear-plugging feeling I get listening to Charlie’s mom sing ‘Cheer up Charlie’ in Willy Wonka.
That’s a wig… right?
But again, it’s one of those Christmas Specials you grew up watching, and now holds a special place in my cozy nostalgic soul.

Oh, and I stumbled upon some pretty cool fan art online!

Art by: Mona Collentine
Art By: Brian Kesinger
Art By: Katie Cookie

Here’s a cool ‘Cubecraft’ you can print and make!
(Note: use heavy stock paper – reg paper is too flimsy)

Cool Emmit Otter Wallpaper!
So, if you’ve never seen it – may I suggest a large mug of hot chocolate and some of your favorite cookies to go along with it.
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27 thoughts on “Emmet Otter’s Jug-Band Christmas!!! -(Tig)”

  1. Did you ever see this on HBO? I'm always a little upset that they have never put out that version. The opening was hosted by Kermit the frog. And if I remember correctly he cut in once or twice during the show. It's how my sister and I remember it. When they put out the complete edition I thought finally but no beans! I wish we would have held on to our VHS that we taped so I would know.

  2. I remember the uncut HBO/Kermit version, as well. When Ma Otter is talking to Gretchen Fox and hoping the lady will pay the bill, I swear she says something else when Gretchen Otter walks away and the guy on the dock says something like "Good one, Alice." But it isn't in the version on the DVD, it just cuts from the lady fox leaving to Alice and the guy on the dock talking. This isn't just me, right?

  3. Not just you, Joe. I remember that as well! It's a shame they cut that all out in the DVD. So silly to take it out. Maybe they thought people wouldn't understand why it was there?

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