Known simply as ‘The President’ this 3200 year old giant sequoia is the 2nd Largest tree in the world and 3rd tallest.

The Tree Is So Massive That It’s Never Been Captured In A Single Image – Until Now.

 “Using a rig system made up of ropes, photographer Michael “Nick” Nichols and his team raised a camera so that they could take shots of every part of the 247-ft-tall, 27-ft-wide giant. It took Nichols 32 days of work to photograph the tree and stitch together the final image from 126 individual photos, creating the first picture of the President captured entirely in a single frame. The result is a stunning image that shows the majestic tree in all its glory, towering high above the snowy ground and tiny people.”

 The kid in me wants to climb this and carve my name at the top.
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One thought on “2nd largest Tree In The World -(Tig)”

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