Pic-Dump (Series 10)

Okay, you've worked far too hard today - time for a nice calming walk through the Pic-Dump

This ones for you Erik...

Now... don't you feel better?

Keep on walking through the dump


  1. Beautiful stuff there. Here's to the rest of the day being just as fun.

  2. You must have known I spent three and a half hours shoveling snow this morning. I always appreciate such personalized pick-me-ups.

    Hard to decide on a favorite. As a classic Trek fan I dig on the "Tribbles I've seen", the Stormtrooper shots produced an audible laugh, and the history of flight got a thoughtful chuckle. However, I think the "job" pic takes the cake. While I may not be familiar with the source (googled it, Its Always Sunny in Philly) I've made many statements like this to try and cope with the harsh world out there.

    1. It's funny - when I stumbled upon the 'job' pic I knew you would see the humor in it. I suggest giving Always Sunny a try. Danny DeVito is quite good in it.


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