You know the characters – but there’s a chance you never knew their real names… 
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16 thoughts on “10 Real names Of Fictional Characters”

  1. Quite the impressive collection. I'm surprised Gilligan's full name "Willy Gilligan" didn't make the list given how many other Islanders made the countdown.

    Also potential candidates from the James Bond 007 Film Canon: Bernard Lee's M is identified in the novelizations as "Admiral Sir Miles Messervy", while Judi Dench's M's real name is "Olivia Mansfield", as referenced in a deleted scene from "Skyfall". Desmond Llwelyn's Q from James Bond is identified as "Major Boothroyd" but I do not believe he was ever given a first name.

    Maybe next time you should do a comparison of high profile actors, comparing birth names to stage names.

  2. I was going to add Gilligan to the mix but it seems there's some controversy over his real name. ''Willy Gilligan'' or "Gil Egan" are two possible ones floating around, along with a few other obscure ones. So I just left it alone. The Bond names is a cool idea… and you named a few I never knew.

    I think I might do the birth name/stage name thing. Good idea!

  3. Man, I used to watch Night Court when I was little (those were more innocent days, I guess). I never knew Bull's name was Nostradamus! (I also never thought about his name being "bull", in the context of prison slang, because I didn't know prison slang when I was little. I mean, not that I really know it now. But I watched a bunch of Oz.)

  4. I loved night court as well. Wish they would put it on Netflix or something so I could watch it again! And I never knew the 'bull' reference until you mentioned it. I just looked it up. Makes sense now. That's pretty cool. Thanks for teaching me something today!

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